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Photography sightseeing tours start July 20th

Vacations of a Lifetime is a tour company based out of Prince Edward Island. We specialize in providing unique tours across the Island. Our memorable and educational photography sightseeing tours are the perfect addition to your PEI vacation, and the ideal shore excursion to cruise ship passengers.

The 5-hour adventure will take you along scenic roads, past lighthouses, red cliffs, sandy beaches, and rolling farmlands. Along the way we will stop at various sites to take pictures and provide hands-on lessons from our photographer, Winston Maund. With over thirty-five years of professional experience, Winston will help you improve your photography skills including the composition, lighting, and exposure of your photos, and answer any photography questions you may have. At the end of the tour you will have a camera full of beautiful pictures to print and share with your friends and family.


Photography tours run until November 5. We depart at 7:30 AM from the Charlottetown Visitor Information Centre (on the waterfront) as well as arrange pick-up in the Charlottetown area. However, we can also run sunset tours (please contact us for availability). We design our route to accommodate weather and changing landscapes to ensure you have a valuable experience.

What to bring:
• Camera and/or smartphone, tablet
• Batteries (remember to charge them!)
• Extra memory cards
• Tri-pod (if you have one)
• Comfortable footwear (we will be walking)
• Sunglasses, hat, sunglasses for sunny days
• Rain coat and umbrella for rainy days


Please note that our tours accommodate up to 6 people to provide you with a personalized experience. Please book online or call us at 1.877.678.8878 to reserve your space today. For more information, please sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or send us an email – we love connecting with and hearing from our valued customers!

We look forward to seeing you!


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  • Debbie Batchilder on

    For anyone who likes to take photos, this is ideal; to tour with people who have the same passion along with a professional photographer, you couldn’t ask for anything more. It was an enjoyable tour and would highly recommend it.

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